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Saturday, May 11, 2002

911 is a joke

Can we all please start thinking about whether it would be OK for law-abiding citizens of Chicago to own pistols? Last week a woman with a protection order against her husband called 911 when he showed up. When the car got there 17 minutes later, she had already been shot dead. This story is being covered mostly from the angle of why the response time was that long. But how long does it take an enraged criminal to shoot somebody? Not necessarily very damn long. It's ridiculous to expect the police department to protect people in these situations. It can't be reliably done.

Last summer a resident of Chicago used his flatly illegal pistol to shoot and kill a pit bull that had latched on to a young girl. He was lauded as hero, and the City declined to prosecute his criminal firearm possession, what with all the publicity. This is stark proof that the current law is just too stupid to enforce. Unfortunately, the Mayor of Chicago and his pet Aldermen are even more stupid, so Chicagoans are probably stuck with relying on the city government for personal protection. It's time for them to wake up.


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