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Monday, January 20, 2003

More Jawboning?

I saw a couple of eye-poppers in this story about the inspection shuffle (Blix is the speaker):
"On the substantive issues relating to anthrax, VX (nerve agent) and a number of Scud missiles, we have not discussed that. That is to be discussed some time in the future."

There was no mention in the statement of taking scientists outside Iraq for interviews, as Washington has demanded on the grounds that the interviewees need protection from reprisals.

So if I understand this correctly, Dr. Blix is negotiating with the Iraqi government about these issues. The issue of interviewing people outside of Iraq struck me oddly, because here is an excerpt from UNSC Resolution 1441:
5. Decides that Iraq shall provide UNMOVIC and the IAEA immediate, unimpeded, unconditional, and unrestricted access to any and all, including underground, areas, facilities, buildings, equipment, records, and means of transport which they wish to inspect, as well as immediate, unimpeded, unrestricted, and private access to all officials and other persons whom UNMOVIC or the IAEA wish to interview in the mode or location of UNMOVIC’s or the IAEA’s choice pursuant to any aspect of their mandates; further decides that UNMOVIC and the IAEA may at their discretion conduct interviews inside or outside of Iraq, may facilitate the travel of those interviewed and family members outside of Iraq, and that, at the sole discretion of UNMOVIC and the IAEA, such interviews may occur without the presence of observers from the Iraqi Government;....

(Emphasis mine.) See, these issues are all decided. The UN resolved, and Iraq accepted. We need no more lengthy negotiations. Or, if you like, the UN resolved, and Iraq did not accept. We need no more lengthy negotiations. The logic is compelling, is it not?


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