That Whole Rigamarole

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Centcom Briefing Follies

I was watching the Centcom briefing this morning, and the briefer (BG Brooks?) mentioned the blasts in the Baghdad marketplace that killed several civilians without immediately identifying the cause as Coalition weapon. Several reporters were not satisfied, especially an indignant lady from the CBC who asked, in essence, "Well, if it wasn't one of your bombs, then what was it?" and sat down huffily. I wanted him to say:
Well, let's see now. What could it have been? One possibility comes to mind: just hours ago the Iraqi forces were firing mortars at their own people in Basra. Certainly dropping a couple of shells into the marketplace in a Shi'ite neighborhood to stir up resentment would be only a footnote on Saddam's list of crimes against the population of Iraq. But we don't know what happened and we are investigating. Dipshit.

But all he said was "We don't know."


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