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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Rush to War?

This Reuters story uses a phrase that I see often and which really irritates me:
The stand taken by Paris, Beijing and Moscow means a majority of the five veto-wielding permanent members on the U.N. Security Council are against rushing into war.

How on Earth can we and our true allies be said to be "rushing" into war? The 9/11 attacks were (counting on fingers) 16 months ago. This action is certainly related to those attacks. It's also the case that the current confrontation with Iraq is a continuation of hostilities that ended only partially in 1991. We have been in military conflict with Iraq continuously since that time.

Our so-called allies are perverting the meaning of UNSC resolution 1441, and they know it. The journalists who use phrases like "rushing into war" display the same willful disregard of history. All of these people are going to feel awfully stupid in a few weeks.


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