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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Overcome by Events

I was going to write a little about being inspired by Colby Cosh to watch some of the 1980 NHL All-Star Game on ESPN Classic last night, but now I guess I won't. Who's interested in that in the face of spectacular death?

There is an odd connection for me between Colby and this morning's loss of Columbia. I wrote him last weekend to say in part how sad I was that I didn't feel like wearing my Canadian Olympic team sweatshirt in public any more. That was based on all the pontification by the Canadian government about the war. Then, in the wake of this morning's accident comes the news via InstaPundit that the CBC is first out of the blocks to blame "American Arrogance."

I hope that there are still people up there who will take back the Government and begin to revisit their thinking about us Americans. They seem have gone over to the "Old Europe" coalition, which very shortly will be shown once again to be on the wrong side of history. Canada is next to the US, and her fate is bound more closely to ours than to the Europeans they seem to want to emulate. Come back to us, Canada. Don't throw in with those people.


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