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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Company's Coming!

I see that it's been a week since my last post, and that Colby Cosh has a link from his hockey page back to here, so I better post something.


I live near Chicago, but I grew up in Minnesota, and lived in St. Louis for a long time. I followed the North Stars until I moved to St. Louis (somewhat) permanently in 1986 and they became really crappy for a while. I have been following the Blues since then, but I'm a fan of hockey in general more than a total Blues homer. I played hockey recreationally for a number of seasons without any discernable athletic talent. I watch a few games on the dish nowadays, and think about whether I want to return to the late nights of recreational hockey.

I think the Dallas Stars are strong favorites to win the Stanley Cup in 2003, with the next favorite as Detroit. I think every other playoff team in the West would have a close series with whoever wins the East. I don't watch the East very much, but I'm not that impressed by what I have seen from them.


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