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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Bless You, Satellite Dish!

I was in hog heaven after our Dells vacation, because the Cardinals were on ESPN 3 times in a week, and there were also three Cards v. Cubs game on TV. So I watched portions of almost all of them, and my bathroom ceiling did not get painted after all. One of my favorite moments against was against the Cubs when Kerry Wood sent one of his famous wild pitches up and in on Albert Pujols. Albert played it cool and drilled the next pitch out of the park (Waveland Avenue?) What a sweet moment for a hitter that must be.

I think my other favorite part was watching Eric Gagne close a game. As a person who does not follow the entire league closely, I was not terribly familiar with this guy. Oh, my goodness. He threw 95-97 mph. People are batting less than .150 against him. It was very impressive. And then he goes out and blows the All-Star Game. Funny world.

I was not watching the All-Star Game very much, because I was watching the replay of Tour de France Stage 10 on OLN. I guess it was 2 years ago that OLN first showed every stage, and I was hooked on this event. I have done a fair amount of bicycle touring, and a tiny amount of bicycle racing, so I am in awe of what these men do on the Tour. I think it is the toughest mainstream sporting event in the world. The Stanley Cup playoffs are probably second. Also, OLN has Bob Roll, who is great. If you can't get OLN, go to the web site and find the Bob Roll TdF promos. There are two, and they are both hilariously self-deprecating. He exudes barely-suppressed lunatic anarchy, which I think must be his actual personality. I'm waiting for him to snap and do something memorable to perky host Kirsten Gum.


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