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Monday, November 29, 2004

Fat Lady Sings in Ames

As an alumnus, I was excited about watching the Iowa State v. Missouri football game Saturday. The ABC broadcast thoughtfully provided vignettes on the several times since 1912 that the Cyclones were close to a title and failed. Most of this history was not familiar to me, since my time in Ames was far removed from any real gridiron success, so there seemed to be very little interest in great failures of the past. We knew about Jack Trice, and beyond that, football was merely a fun way to spend Saturday afternoons in the fall.

Anyway, they blew it again, despite two excellent chances to win. They'll go to the Piece of Crap Bowl, which is better than they managed while I was going to games. They also have the distinction of ruining two Senior Days: Kansas State's and their own.


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